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Jessica Alba's Workout Burns More Calories Than A HIIT Class

In an ideal world, we’d have ample time to prioritise our healthy habits. But (coz work, fam and life needs doing), most days it’s a mission to find a spare 10 mins to hit the gym – let alone any longer. Which is where Jessica Alba comes into it.

The actress and mum-of-three has found a way to navigate her jam-packed schedule and keep on top of her fitness. And, because she’s aware there’s pleeeeenty of us out there also feeling the pinch, she’s sharing her secret. Legend!

Enter, her “treadmill program.”

“30 min cardio – when you only have 30 min to get it in,” she wrote on Instagram. “I have bad knees so the incline and treadmill is the only way I can.”

Then, via stories, she broke the program down:

Part One:

1 minute at 3 speed, 2 mins at 7 speed

Incline: 2

How long: repeat for 24 mins

Part Two:

30 seconds at 3 speed, 1 min at 7.5 speed

Incline: 1

How long: repeat for 6 mins

Part Three:

Cool down at 3 speed

Incline: 2

How long: 5 mins

Here’s the thing: research shows that running on the treadmill for half an hour can burn around 350 calories – which, FYI, is more than in a 30 min HIIT class. And sure, the instructions sound simple enough – but judging by her #sweatyselfie post-workout, we’re willing to hedge our bets it’s anything but.

Thanks for the tips, Albs!

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