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Stress incontinence: This helps when the Laugh goes in the pants

Treatment options for stress incontinence

Stress incontinence, or stress incontinence is a very common Problem, affecting in particular women with children. Simple physical activities such as Laughing, standing Up, Lifting, or Sneezing to the involuntary release of urine. The stress incontinence is a shame-prone topic. Many women try to hide the complaint and restrict their movements or activities. This must not be! An expert explains the treatment options for stress incontinence.

Dr. Emanuel Trabuco, a urogynäko Lodge of the prestigious Mayo clinic. He specializes in disorders of the pelvic floor. The expert knows how much of a stress incontinence quality of life can limit. Many of those Affected, the disease is embarrassed, isolate yourself or limit your activities. It is likely with proper treatment that the victims are able, with the help of incontinence and improve your General well-being.

Stress incontinence is not caused by Stress

Although the Name suggests, is not connected to the stress incontinence with psychological Stress. It occurs when the muscles become weaker, which support the bladder and release of urine can be regulated. When the bladder fills, it stretches. Muscles in the urethral Region to prevent the Escape of the urine. These muscles are weaker, can cause a pressure on the belly of an unintentional release. This can happen, for example, through Sneezing, Bending, Lifting, cough, Stand up or Laugh. Also, during sexual intercourse it can happen.

Common causes of stress incontinence

As the experts of the Mayo clinic reports, are common causes of stress incontinence:

  • Births: The birth can be a poorer function of the pelvic floor muscles or the sphincter to tighten.
  • Prostate surgery: The surgical removal of the prostate, a stress incontinence to cause, as of the closing muscle of the bladder directly under the prostate is located.
  • Chronic cough: diseases with a chronic cough are associated, increase the risk for stress incontinence. Also, smoker’s cough, this includes.
  • Obesity: With Obesity, press the fat pad in addition to the bladder.

The best treatment options

“The collaboration with the physiotherapists is of great advantage, if the pelvic floor is weak ist“, Dr. Trabuco reported in a press release from the Mayo clinic. Should this not achieve the desired results, can also help surgery. For example, it can be used by a minimally-invasive procedure, a small loop, which stabilizes the urethra. “80 to 85 percent of women are due to the small OP either much drier or fully trocken“, the pelvic floor specialist emphasized. In severe cases, can also be used in a larger Operation, a plastic mesh in the abdomen used. This method is very effective against incontinence, but it can, under some circumstances, pain when urinating or during intercourse and is therefore more suitable for older patients. (vb)