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10 years younger due to cross-word puzzles

According to a large study, the mental performance in elderly adults who regularly solve word and number puzzles, much better. If the short-term memory was tested, cut off the people that solved a lot of puzzles, as well as people who are ten years younger.

The regular participants are employees of the study with the word and number puzzles, the better they perform on Tests for attention, logical Thinking and memory. From the results, the researchers of the University of Exeter have determined that the short-time corresponded to the memory of the people, who resolved regularly, word puzzles, even a ten years younger than your actual age.

Dr. Anne Corbett, who led the research, said: "We have found that the mental performance is the better, the more often people are puzzles with puzzles such as crossword and Sudoku to deal with. The improvements are particularly evident in the speed and accuracy of their performance."

With the help of the for the past 25 years, the existing Online platform PROTECT the University of Exeter and Kings College in the UK are annually examined persons of 50 years, resulting in Knowledge on brain aging and dementia risk in later life is derived. In the current study, over 19,000 people took part.


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