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Why parents lick the pacifier of your Little one now but may

Must be licked the pacifier to Clean it? For many parents is quite clear: no. Finally, dentists have advised against it a long time. However, according to a study from the United States, the Lick could even have benefits for the immune system of the children. Of the recommendation that pacifier use by infants due to the fear of Transmission of caries germs to not lick, it is distancing itself already a few years ago, said Stefan Zimmer, President of the German society for Preventive dentistry.

The researchers, from Detroit, presented the study at a conference. You have come to the conclusion that the microbes in the saliva of the parents affect the immune system of the babies, if you are recording through the Teat. Such children would have less had of an antibody in the blood, which was consistent with the development of allergies and Asthma.

The study considered only a small number of children, moreover, from the results, deduce whether the minor Allergy goes back risk in fact, on the abgeleckten pacifier or other factors in the lives of the babies. “It still needs to be researched further to investigate the potential connection,” stressed study author Eliane Abou-Jaoude from the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit.

Study about pacifier use lick – just a few of the study’s participants

Also, the spokesman for the professional Association of child and youth doctors, Josef Kahl, is careful. He keeps the number of study participants is too low. “So that no reliable statements about the effect on the immune system meeting,” said Kahl. He advises parents to find the pacifier at the most then abzulut, if there is no other cleaning options.

For the study, 128 mothers were asked how they cleaned the pacifier in their babies. 30 of them sterilized the Teat, 53 you cleaned with water and detergent, nine from sucking you. The researchers compared the babies after the birth, after six months and at the age of 18 months, the amount of Immunoglobulin E in the blood. The value was in the end in children with abgelutschten Sucking lower than the other, the researchers reported. The study provided similar results to a study from Sweden of 2013.

“From this study, we have derived the conclusion, to distance ourselves from the some recommendation made, the pacifiers of infants because of the risk of Transmission of caries germs to not lick,” said the room. The present study confirm this attitude. He had shared the recommendation that the soother does not lick, never, because caries is not an infectious disease and the effect of the measure was not proven to be sustainable.

In the oral cavity of a human, several Hundred germ are species at home, said the room. With caries, only a fraction would not be part of it. “The role of most of the germs is not clarified, but which apparently has become established in the course of human Evolution, a meaningful co-existence with these germs in our mouth, so that it makes no sense to fight them all,” said the expert. “As we see now, we might call it even due to negligence, because it increases the risk of allergies.”

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