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Americans bankrupted by health care costs: 4 questions answered

Medical bankruptcy has been a talking point for many Democratic candidates as they make their individual cases for health care reform. This begs a few questions about how widespread these bankruptcies are and what causes them. 1. How big a problem is medical bankruptcy? Medical bankruptcy, which refers to situations where individuals were forced into […]

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4 steps to stealth health during a fall getaway

Summer is over, but it’s not too late to plan a fall getaway for some R&R and sightseeing. After all, the shoulder season—those months before and after peak summer travel time—is primed for good deals and smaller crowds. But just remember: Physical activity can be part of the fun, too. These four principles can keep […]

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Have you gone vegan? Keep an eye on these 4 nutrients

There are many reasons people go vegan, from wanting to be healthier, to reducing their environmental footprint, to concerns about animal welfare. No matter what the reason, many people find it difficult to meet the nutrient intake targets for specific vitamins and minerals while on a vegan diet. These include vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and […]

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2 2 4 formula and the belly is in twelve weeks – a guide

In a few weeks, five inches of waist circumference to lose. This not only sounds fantastic – it is thanks to a simple Fitness formula even possible. Sports scientist Dr. Dr. Michael Despeghel has set the foundations for a successful abdominal workout. Here are the three rules: 1. Endurance training improves fat metabolism. 2. Strength […]

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4 acupressure points for inducing labor

Acupressure draws upon the same concepts as acupuncture, but it uses firm massage and pressure from the hands instead of needles. There is strong evidence to support the use of acupuncture for certain health conditions, but scientific research on acupressure is still in its infancy and has had mixed results to date. However, some studies […]