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New AI System Can Accurately Predict How Long A Patient Will Live

Artificial intelligence has made leaps and bounds in medical science, helping doctors perform the most complex surgeries with greater accuracy than ever before. Now, as startling as it may sound, a new algorithm has been developed by researchers of Stanford University which can assess the correct time of demise of patients who are admitted to […]

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A step closer to cancer precision medicine

Researchers from the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute for Molecular Medicine (FIMM) at the University of Helsinki have developed a computational model, Combined Essentiality Scoring (CES) that enables accurate identification of essential genes in cancer cells for development of anti-cancer drugs. Why are the essential genes important in cancer? Cancer is the leading cause […]

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The effects of a mock shelter environment on sleep

In the Building Environment Laboratory at Toyohashi University of Technology’s Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, researchers study the effects that indoor environments have on the people that live in these spaces. As part of this research, the laboratory conducted an experiment on the nature of sleep in an evacuation shelter environment. This experiment was […]