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Hilaria Baldwin Gushes About Relationship With Stepdaughter Ireland

An inside look! Hilaria Baldwin rarely addresses her relationship with her 23-year-old stepdaughter, Ireland Baldwin, but the yoga instructor gushed over the model on Instagram. “Often you hear horror stories about evil stepparents, and I wanted to make sure I did right by the family I was stepping into when I married Alec,” the fitness guru, […]

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The Facts (and Myths) About How You Really Get Lyme Disease

Now that winter has transitioned to spring and temperatures are warming up in much of the country, you’re likely to start hearing a lot about Lyme disease. Rates of this tick-borne illness have been rising steadily in the United States over the last two decades, with most infections happening in April through October. According to […]

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The Truth About Being Naked in Front of Your Kids

Whether or not you personally gave birth to your kids, you probably don’t think much of your babies and toddlers seeing you naked. After all, you see them naked all the time — what with the bathing and the diaper-changing and all — so it doesn’t seem strange. Plus, if they’re young, it’s likely they […]