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Why suburban parks offer an antidote to helicopter parenting

Well-designed suburban parks could be an antidote to helicopter parenting. As well as giving kids much-needed time outdoors being active, suburban parks offer kids opportunities to decide what activities they do, new research shows. It’s an ideal opportunity for parents to let go of their task-focused daily agendas, even if just for a little while. […]

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Have you gone vegan? Keep an eye on these 4 nutrients

There are many reasons people go vegan, from wanting to be healthier, to reducing their environmental footprint, to concerns about animal welfare. No matter what the reason, many people find it difficult to meet the nutrient intake targets for specific vitamins and minerals while on a vegan diet. These include vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and […]

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What It’s *Really* Like to Get an Abnormal Pap Smear

Going to see the gynecologist can be a super vulnerable experience. Not only are you openly chatting about your body and sexual history with another person, but then there’s the oh-so-enjoyable pap smear — a procedure where your OB-GYN collects a sampling of cells from the cervix to check for anything abnormal that could be […]

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Here's Why I'm Giving Birth Across an Ocean From My Home

I’ve always prided myself on being pretty self-sufficient. I moved to New York from the U.K. in my early 20s to pursue artistic endeavors and now, nine years later, I’m still here — married and pregnant. And I’m glad I’m about to give birth thousands of miles away from home. Although plenty of people — […]

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Using an anti-smoking drug to control neurons

An anti-smoking drug now has a new job—as a chemical switch to turn select neurons on or off. The drug latches on to designer proteins, called ion channels, that control whether or not a neuron will send a message. By putting those proteins only in certain groups of neurons, scientists can target modulation of specific […]