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DNA sequencing and patient data used to halt infection outbreak

Clinical and research teams at Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) NHS Foundation Trust, using infection prevention and control best practice, whole genome sequencing and electronic patient data, have halted an outbreak of a potentially deadly fungal pathogen after detecting that multi-use patient equipment was responsible. The breakthrough at the John Radcliffe Hospital is significant as this […]

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Management’s ‘overt lack of concern’ for employee health and safety puts non-union casino hotel workers at risk

Non-union Las Vegas casino resort workers face increased health and safety risks due in large part to management’s lack of concern for and vigilance surrounding employee work conditions. To understand the health- and safety-related experiences of non-union casino hotel employees, CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy Associate Professor Diana Romero, doctoral alumnus […]

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Flushed skin: Causes and when to see a doctor

Flushed skin occurs when the hundreds of tiny blood vessels just beneath the skin dilate, or widen. When these blood vessels expand, they rapidly fill with more blood, which can make the skin appear red or pink. This effect is more noticeable in regions of the body where the blood vessels are closest to the […]

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Newborn chapped lips: Treatment and causes

It is common for a newborn’s lips to appear more dry and red than an older baby’s, but this is unlikely to cause any signs of pain or discomfort. It may occasionally seem that chapped lips are uncomfortable for a newborn, but this symptom is not usually a cause for concern. If a baby has […]