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Can Being Left-Handed Really Affect Mental Health?

Only about 10 percent is predominantly left-handed.(Getty Images) Kevin Denny, an economics professor at University College Dublin in Ireland, is not left-handed. Many years ago, though, he was staying with a friend in Kansas City, Missouri, who is left-handed. “He had a book on the subject. I got fascinated,” Denny says. “I eventually realized I […]

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AHA: Common Treatment for AFib May Also Lower Anxiety, Depression

TUESDAY, Sept. 18, 2018 (American Heart Association) — Levels of anxiety and depression seen in people who have a common heart rhythm disorder called atrial fibrillation may be affected by how the heart condition is treated, a new study suggests. Past studies have shown that anxiety, distress and depression are common among people with AFib. […]

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Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

Getting nervous before giving a presentation at school or before a big game is normal – but if you’ve ever felt like you’re going to lose control, have a heart attack, or even “go crazy”, you might have had a panic attack. If you’re so afraid of having another panic attack that you stop participating […]

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These Are The Most Common Misconceptions About Anxiety

Anxiety is a term that is thrown around often. More often than not people use this word without having a full understanding of exactly what it means. The phrases ‘they have anxiety’ or ‘I’m feeling anxious’ is used to describe a myriad of emotions such as anger, worry, frustration, irritation and fear. ‘Anxiety’ is used […]

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Wording used may affect thyroid cancer patients’ anxiety, choices

(HealthDay)—The terminology used to describe small papillary thyroid cancers (PTCs) may affect patients’ anxiety levels and treatment choices, according to a study published online Aug. 23 in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. Brooke Nickel, M.P.H., from the University of Sydney, and colleagues performed a randomized crossover study of 550 Australian adults without a history of […]

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Tree swallow study: Stressful events have long-term health impacts

Little is known about how brief yet acute stressors — such as war, natural disasters and terror attacks — affect those exposed to them, though human experience suggests they have long-term impacts. Two recent studies of tree swallows uncover long-term consequences of such passing but major stressful events. Both studies provide information on how major […]

Kids Health

5 signs of anxiety in children and how to deal with it

Children need us to be supportive of their feelings, without being preached at or scolded. By Dr Vihan Sanyal “My child cries when she sees a new face”; “My two-year-old hates water and throws a tantrum at bath time”; “My eight-year-old daughter is shy and does not want to play with other children”; “My 11-year-old […]

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Maternal depression may alter stress and immune markers in children

New research suggests that depression in women may affect their children’s stress and physical well-being throughout life. For the Depression & Anxiety study, researchers followed 125 children from birth to 10 years. At 10 years, mothers’ and children’s cortisol (CT) and secretory immunoglobulin (s-IgA) — markers of stress and the immune system — were measured, […]