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GPs are earning 14% LESS than they were in 2008, reveals study

GPs earn 14% LESS than they did in 2008, reveals study amid nationwide shortage of family doctors Researchers analysed data from surveys collected every two years Doctors used to earn £115,900 but only took home £98,300 in 2017 Their pay has stayed the same despite inflation, researchers found GPs now earn 14 per cent less than […]

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DNA test reveals if surgery patients are at risk of scarring badly

Risk-free mouth-swab DNA test reveals if surgery patients are at risk of scarring badly after an operation First-of-its-kind screening takes less than a minute and is completely risk-free The simple, first-of-its-kind mouth-swab DNA test takes less than a minute  After a week results can indicate the chances of an abnormal scar developing Surgery patients can […]

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7 Sex Positions That are Even Better with Sex Toys

When bringing sex toys into the bedroom, you don’t want to overthink it, but there are logistics to consider — namely, what sex positions you should use them with. Not all sex positions pair seamlessly with all sex toys. For example, if you’re engaging in a little penetrative missionary, throwing a dildo in the mix […]

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Bye, 'Gran' — These Grandparent Nicknames Are Anything But Boring

In honor of this weekend’s upcoming Grandparents’ Day, we’re celebrating our parents and our parents’ parents  — because let’s be real, there’s nobody quite like them. Maybe your kids’ grandparents are fun, stern, goofy, whatever, but they’re more than likely hella wise. Because grandparents have been around the block more than once, which also means […]

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Investigation finds a QUARTER of prescription glasses are faulty

Customers are warned against buying prescription glasses online from budget retailers as investigation finds a QUARTER of them are faulty Which? found seven out of 26 prescription glasses didn’t meet British standards Some unusable due to how distorted the lenses were, others arrived damaged Fashion Eyewear, Goggles4U, Spex4Less, Select Specs and Direct Sight all sold faulty […]

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Are Plant-Based Meats Really Healthier?

Back in the day, a veggie burger wasn’t exactly a food you craved. But plant-based meats have come a long way and are making quite a name for themselves, so much so that they have managed to capture the attention of not only vegans and vegetarians but also lifelong meat-eaters. They look, taste and in […]