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U.S. birth rates continue to drop as age of new moms rises

(HealthDay)—American women are having fewer children, and they’re having them later in life, a new government report shows. “Overall, we saw continuing decreasing trends in total fertility,” said report author Danielle Ely, a health statistician at the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), which is part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. […]

Health News

Doctors Use Bacteria as Weapon Against Cancer

SUNDAY, Sept. 30, 2018 — It’s a perfect case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. A potentially dangerous bacteria appears to target malignant cells and could provide a new means of fighting cancer, a small, preliminary study reports. The bacteria, Clostridium novyi-NT, can cause gas gangrene and sepsis if infection is allowed […]

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Fear and anger as cholera strikes again in Zimbabwe

Sixty-year-old Emma Zhakata winces, struggling to hold back tears as she relates how her husband, one of 32 cholera victims in Zimbabwe, died within hours of falling ill. She never suspected her 69-year-old husband, Wonder Zhakata, would die suddenly after complaining that he felt weak and was suffering stomach pain. After she rushed her husband […]

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Researchers find answers as to why some people are at risk of gout

University of Otago researchers have helped characterise a genetic variant that enables new understanding of why some people are at risk of gout, a painful and debilitating arthritic disease. Gout is caused by persistently elevated levels of urate in the blood, which causes severe joint pain and swelling, especially in peoples’ toes, knees, elbows, wrists […]

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Women care less about seeing a female doctor as they age

Most younger women booking in for a pap smear or mammogram would rather see a female doctor, but seniors are less likely to mind. According to figures from the Australian Women's Health Survey, conducted by Jean Hailes for Women's Health, just over 70 per cent of women aged 18-35 express a preference for a female […]