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Misleading allergy labelling puts lives at risk

Failing to declare allergens on food labels is a breach of regulations and can put lives at risk. The law relating to allergen labels was changed recently to reduce the risks to consumers. But recent cases of flawed and misleading food labelling, sometimes involving major supermarkets, have called into question the effectiveness of allergen labelling […]

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The Original 'Marlboro Man' Has Passed Away at 90

Robert “Bob” Norris, who played the famous Marlboro Man in cigarette ads for 12 years, has died. Norris passed away at his ranch in Colorado Springs at the age of 90. The Marlboro Man was conceived by cigarette company Philip Morris & Co. and advertising giant Leo Burnett, with the aim of promoting filtered cigarettes […]

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3 Months of Full Body Workouts Helped This Guy Get Shredded at 40

When Mat Smith and his wife started a family, he decided to cancel his gym membership in favor of what he calls “The MatCave.” The 40-year-old senior design engineer from Cheltenham, United Kingdom, turned the garage into his own carefully arranged workout space. But then, as often happens, life intervened. Three years later, looking to […]

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Mindfulness at work: A little bit goes a long way

Workplace wellness is expanding beyond annual blood pressure checks to include the benefits of meditation, yoga and other exercises designed to manage stress and center the mind. But do such practices, known as mindfulness, really work? New research from Wharton management professor Lindsey Cameron finds that including just a few minutes of mindfulness in each […]