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E.coli is more likely to be spread through poor toilet hygiene

Not washing your hands after going to the toilet ‘puts you at a greater risk of catching potentially deadly E.coli than eating undercooked chicken or pork’ Experts found most drug resistant E. coli strains are spread between humans The ‘likeliest route’ of catching it is through faecal particles entering your mouth E. coli bacteria normally […]

Health News

Men on Forever Alone forums don't want to be associated with incels

Incels are involuntarily celibate men who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner. Some experience hatred towards women for ‘denying’ them sex, while others use online communities as Reddit and 4chan to vent about their struggles. In recent years, the community has been propelled to the limelight following violent acts committed […]

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Animal Businesses Must Be PREPARED for Major Disasters—Take Action!

blog_prepared-act_020719_main.jpg Whether it’s wildfires in the West, hurricanes on the Gulf Coast or tornadoes in the Midwest, the ASPCA has seen firsthand the severe toll disasters have on people and animals. Our Field Investigations and Response team is committed to ensuring communities are not only prepared before disasters, but are supported as they recover by aiding homeless […]

Health News

CDC: Vaping-related lung illnesses may be linked to THC products

Health officials warn THC products could play a role in vaping-related illnesses The CDC reports that the number of vaping-related illnesses has risen to 805; Jonathan Serrie reports from Atlanta. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday described a possible link between the current outbreak of vaping-related lung injuries and the use of THC-containing […]