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The Best Sex Toys for Parents — For Pregnancy, Postpartum & Beyond

Parenting changes everything — including sex. While almost everyone experiences frequent shifts in their sexuality and libido over their lifetime, with parenting there are just more…complexities. Pregnancy and childbirth for gestational parents can really disrupt how you feel in your body (and if you aren’t aware of what it can do to your clitoris, well: […]

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The 25 best medicinal plants

The current issue of the New pharmacies is illustrated by the 1. September 2019 and is located in many pharmacies ready. In the title of the post you will know what is the effect of various medicinal plants have on the body and how diseases can help. In herbal medicine, it is probably the most […]

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'I Live for' My Kids: Kanye West's Best Fatherhood Quotes

Fond of fatherhood! Kanye West became a dad in 2013 when his wife, Kim Kardashian, gave birth to their daughter, North, and has voiced the joy he’s experienced as a parent ever since. Saint arrived in 2015, followed by Chicago in 2018, and the rapper and Us Weekly broke the news in January 2019 that the […]

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When is best time to get flu shot? Analysis compares scenarios

When flu season peaks after mid-winter, tens of thousands of influenza cases and hundreds of deaths can likely be avoided if older adults wait until October to get their flu immunization, a University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine analysis reveals in the April issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. The protection offered by […]

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Best essential oils for relieving anxiety

In this article, we discuss some of the best essential oils to try for anxiety and the evidence supporting their use. We also cover how to use essential oils, oil blending, risk and considerations, and when to see a doctor for anxiety. Bergamot orange Bergamot orange essential oil comes from the Citrus bergamia tree. Producers […]