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Puzzling brain disease could now be better diagnosed, treated

Scientists have developed an animal model that may provide a path toward improving the diagnosis and treatment of the devastating brain disease chronicled in the bestselling autobiography “Brain on Fire.” The book, along with a 2017 movie by the same name, traces newspaper reporter Susannah Cahalan’s harrowing descent into the throes of the disease. The […]

Health Problems

Clues to building a better herpes vaccine

Efforts to develop an effective vaccine for genital herpes, a common sexually transmitted disease, have largely failed. In a new study published in Nature, Yale researchers explore why, and their findings could lead to a better vaccine. Senior investigator Akiko Iwasaki and her colleagues conducted several experiments in mice vaccinated against the herpes simplex virus […]

Health Problems

More isn’t better when it comes to evaluating chest pain

Most patients seen in a hospital emergency department for chest pain did not experience major cardiac events within six months following discharge, new research from UC Davis Health and Oregon Health Sciences University cardiologists shows. Also, the few study participants who had major cardiac events within six months of discharge were not identified by cardiac […]

Health Problems

Mixed reality makes for better surgeons

When neurosurgeons cut into the brain, they must be very, very precise: A single slip could mean disaster. Ehsan Azimi is working on a new augmented reality platform that could greatly improve brain surgeons’ ability to navigate and visualize important landmarks during the procedure. Azimi, a Ph.D. candidate in computer science at the Whiting School […]

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Will prescribing museum trips help anyone get better?

Prescribing museum trips may save the NHS cash – but will it help anyone get better? JONATHAN GORNALL on GPs referring patients to ‘non-clinical services’ such as walking and yoga NHS says there is growing recognition health is ‘determined by range of factors’ GPs are encouraged to refer a patient ‘to a range of local, non-clinical […]

Health Problems

Heart attack patients taken directly to heart centers have better long-term survival

Heart attack patients taken directly to heart centres for lifesaving treatment have better long-term survival than those transferred from another hospital, reports a large observational study presented today at Acute Cardiovascular Care 20191 a European Society of Cardiology (ESC) congress. Directly admitted patients were older, suggesting that heart attacks in young adults, and particularly women, […]