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Theresa May launches the 10-year vision for the NHS

Theresa May claims UK’s ‘strong public finances’ and taking back control of Britain’s money after Brexit will allow the NHS to receive its extra £20.5billion a year as she unveils the full 10-year plan The Prime Minister officially launched the NHS’s plan in Liverpool today It sets out ambitions to prevent 500,000 premature deaths in […]

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Computer model shows how to better control MRSA outbreaks

A research team led by scientists at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health report on a new method to help health officials control outbreaks of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, a life-threatening antibiotic-resistant infection often seen in hospitals. The researchers are the first to reveal the invisible dynamics governing the spread of these […]

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Cannabis really DOES ruin your memory, study finds

Cannabis really DOES ruin your memory: Young men scored much better in mental tests within a WEEK of giving up, study shows Researchers in Boston followed 88 men aged 16-25 who smoked marijuana at least once a week Some cut down, others went cold turkey, in the first study to measure the effects of marijuana […]

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Three better ways to "champion babies" than protesting abortion

Last week, the Queensland government finally dragged itself into the modern era when it voted to make access to abortion officially legal. I say "modern era", but of course there are still legislatures all over the country (and the world) that are languishing in a state of regressive, misogynist policies that deny women and others […]

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Going to the same school as your BFF could make you smarter

Children who go to the same secondary school as their BFF ‘behave better and get higher grades’ Keeping the same best friend in the transition to secondary school is important Children who stick together get 13 per cent better grades, a study found  But only 27 per cent manage to keep their best friend during […]

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Volunteers drank their own BLOOD to help scientists understand IBD

The Vampire Study: Sixteen volunteers drank 300ml of their own BLOOD to help scientists uncover a better way of diagnosing inflammatory bowel disease Results suggest the nauseating drink increases a protein in a person’s faeces Presence of this protein suggests internal bleeding, which often occurs in IBD Faeces could be used for diagnoses over uncomfortable […]