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Black market cannabis products linked to US vaping illnesses

Health officials said Friday that black market cannabis products could be the cause of a mysterious outbreak of severe lung disease among vapers that has sickened more than 200 people and killed two. New York’s health department said laboratory test results showed very high levels of vitamin E oil in cannabis cartridges used by all […]

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Medical Cannabis is pregnancy possible?

The Weed growing is mothers definitely discouraged. But what if a woman with a medically justified Cannabis medication is pregnant? The Pharmaceutical newspaper has asked the professional Association of women doctors. "Scientific studies on the use of medical Cannabis in pregnancy and the long-term effects of this treatment on the child exist nicht", the Association […]

Personal Health

Cannabis in pregnancy is dangerous

Woman doctors warn against Smoking during pregnancy marijuana. There are very clear indications that this will change the way the child’s brain permanently, so the professional Association of women doctors. In addition, a new study from Canada shows that it comes to births among cannabis use, more in the morning. “Since the brain of the […]

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Surge in cannabis use among youth preceded legalization in Canada

National discussions on cannabis legalization, along with increased access to medical marijuana, may have encouraged more high school students to consume the drug years before it became legal in Canada. A recent study using data from more than 230,000 questionnaires by Canadian high school students in grades 9 to 12 found that almost 10 per […]

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Cannabis could be downgraded by the World Health Organization

Cannabis could be downgraded by the World Health Organization to make it more available in medicines WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence has proposed to relist substance May also strike non-THC products, such as cannabis oil, from all drug controls  UN’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs will vote on recommendation next month Cannabis regulations could be […]

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Cannabis really DOES ruin your memory, study finds

Cannabis really DOES ruin your memory: Young men scored much better in mental tests within a WEEK of giving up, study shows Researchers in Boston followed 88 men aged 16-25 who smoked marijuana at least once a week Some cut down, others went cold turkey, in the first study to measure the effects of marijuana […]

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Do legal cannabis products really work as well as Ibuprofen?

Do legal cannabis products really work as well as over-the-counter Ibuprofen? It’s a booming market with cannabis porridge, cola and even pet food on the way But, while that excites some, experts are still divided on their alleged benefit Home Secretary recently said some doctors will be able to prescribe cannabis A chance conversation overheard […]

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Studies needed on impact of cannabis use on puberty

McMaster University researchers say there is an urgent need for studies on the physical health effects of cannabis use, including its impact on puberty. The call comes following a systematic review of existing literature that identified an absence of such research. The results of the review were published in Adolescent Health, Medicine and Therapeutics. “While […]

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PepsiCo joins Coca-Cola in exploring cannabis drinks

PepsiCo on Tuesday joined the growing list of big companies to confirm potential interest in making drinks with cannabis. Hugh Johnston, chief financial officer of the soda and snacks giant, acknowledged the company’s interest in an interview with CNBC. “We will look at it very critically,” Johnston said of cannabis on an interview with CNBC. […]

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Study to examine possible effects of cannabis compound for common movement disorder

Researchers at University of California School of Medicine are preparing to launch a novel clinical trial to examine the safety, efficacy and pharmacological properties of cannabis as a potential treatment for adults with essential tremor (ET). Currently, ET is treated using repurposed medications originally developed for high blood pressure or seizures. Surgery is another option. […]