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This Tinted Moisturiser Has 2,400 Near-Perfect Reviews

Before the advent of bb and cc creams, beauty lovers reached for their old pal tinted moisturiser on the daily. The first no-make-up make-up that afforded a healthy luminosity and just a smattering of coverage. With the feel of a moisturiser – nourishing and easy to blend – without feeling heavy like a foundation. Advancements […]

Health News

Just Watching Jessica Biel’s Squat Workout Is Making Us Sore

Today marks Jessica Biel’s first appearance at the Primetime Emmy Awards as a nominee.  Being that Biel is one of Hollywood’s most fitspirational stars, it makes sense that The Sinner star has been majorly prepping for the red carpet at the gym. The 36-year-old shared her butt-toning workout on Instagram over the weekend, and it’s no joke to say […]

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Can YOU tell who these 4 celebrities are behind the dots?

Can YOU tell who these 4 celebrities are behind the dots? Can YOU recognise the four celebrities behind the dots? Opticians claim this bizarre test shows whether you’re colour blind (tip: lean back and squint) Opticians have hidden the spectacle wearing A-listers among the quirky images The team at Optical Express devised their own version […]

Pet Care

Dwayne Johnson Pays For Dog’s Surgery

Dwayne Johnson is one dog’s real-life hero! Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) makes plenty of heroic moves on the big screen, but none of them compare to what he recently did for one abandoned and miserable dog. In fact, had Dwayne Johnson not stepped in when he did, the tiny pup might not be alive […]