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America Ferrera on How Her Relationship With Her Body Has Changed Since Giving Birth: "There are Parts I Love and Also Parts That Are Super Challenging"

Over the past few years, America Ferrera has accomplished a tremendous amount. She teamed up with her husband, actor and writer-director Ryan Piers Williams, and actor Wilmer Valderrama to cofound Harness, an organization that aims to support vulnerable communities through conversations meant to inspire action. She spoke in front of hundreds of thousands of people […]

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Chrissy Teigen Says Having Kids Changed Her Sex Life

Chrissy Teigen is busy. When she’s not cooking up new ideas (literally) for her cookbooks, holding the Trump administration accountable at public rallies, hosting a hit reality TV series or making her millions of fans laugh on Twitter, you can find her parenting her two adorable children, Miles and Luna. Something you won’t hear about […]

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This Disney Princess Changed My Daughter's Life

“Mom!” My 3-year-old shrieked. “She looks just like me! She’s a princess and she looks like me! Look!" The excitement emanating from her voice was nothing like I had heard before. This was bigger than the box of Smarties she was allowed to eat before dinner, bigger than that time we saw Paw Patrol characters at […]