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Home remedies: Why chicken soup when a cold helps?

Chicken soup is the ideal home remedies for colds? For colds, many people resort to home remedies, in order to achieve a relief of symptoms. However, some of the popular home remedies worsen cold. Warm chicken soup is, however, suitable can actually be good for the relief of Cold symptoms. Why, says the professional Association […]

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Catheter ablation: atrial fibrillation with heat and cold treat

The heart of the clock, device, medications can help to obtain rate and rhythm. In addition, a non-drug Alternative is gaining in importance, the so-called catheter ablation, is reported by Priv.-Doz. Dr. René Andrié from the heart center, Helios Klinikum Siegburg, Germany, on a training event for pharmacists in Schladming, Austria. More or less happens […]

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Can Emergen-C Actually Prevent a Cold?

If you find yourself reaching for a packet of Emergen-C every time you feel a tickle in your throat, you’re certainly not alone. The fizzy orange power—a mix of vitamins C and B, along with other nutrients—has become a mainstay of medicine cabinets, winter-weather survival kits, travel packing lists, and even wedding weekend goodie bags. […]