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A new approach to peripheral nerve injury? Natural killer cells in the immune system could present a target

In animal models of a totally crushed peripheral nerve, the damaged axons are broken down, allowing healthy ones to regrow. But humans rarely suffer complete axonal damage. Instead, axons tend to be partially damaged, causing neuropathic pain—a difficult-to-treat, chronic pain associated with nerve trauma, chemotherapy and diabetes. A new study in Cell, led by Michael […]

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Could a stem cell jab help banish back pain for good?

Could a stem cell jab help banish back pain for good? A single jab of stem cells is being tested as a new treatment for lower back pain Doctors say the injection can help re-grow degenerated discs in the spine Researchers hope that trial in Ohio will cure cause of pain instead of symptoms A […]

Health Problems

Small-scale poultry farming could mean big problem in developing countries

Small-scale farming in developing countries provides those in rural communities with income and access to protein, but it may have a large impact on antibiotic resistance, according to a new University of Michigan study. Researchers looked at antibiotic-resistant bacteria populations in farmed broiler chickens, free-range backyard chickens and children in remote northwestern Ecuador that until […]

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Fear that uproar over gene-edited babies could block science

Scientists working on the frontiers of medicine fear the uproar over the reported births of gene-edited babies in China could jeopardize promising research into how to alter heredity to fend off a variety of disorders. Researchers are rapidly learning how to edit DNA to fight such conditions as Huntington’s, Tay-Sachs and hereditary heart disease, conducting […]

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Osteoporosis: Could probiotics protect bone health?

Bones do not just grow once and then stay the same for life. Instead, bone is made up of living tissue that is constantly being broken and remodeled into new bone. This process is more efficient when we are young. By around age 30, the body stops increasing bone mass, and once we reach our […]