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6 Ways To Take Shower Sex From Awkward To Awesome

Ah, shower sex. It looks great in movies, but in real life, it can be slippery, dangerous, uncomfortable, and all-around hard to actually pull off. Mood kill! Yet with the right tips, you can totally make your next attempt at shower sex hot as hell—and we don’t just mean the water temperature. Here, real men […]

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Sneating Is The Latest Dating Trend That Everyone Is Talking About

As dating apps and social media ever increasingly shape our relationships, viral terms to describe modern dating behaviours are becoming more common. From ghosting to breadcrumbing and even gas-lighting.  The latest dating term to enter popular vernacular is “sneating” aka sneaking eating. A term coined to describe who strategically goes on date because they want to eat […]

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Dating Violence: Dating Violence Quizzes

Quiz #1 Take this quiz to help figure out if you’re behaving violently in your relationship. Read statements 1-8 and think about your answers. If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions it’s possible that you’ve been behaving abusively towards your partner. It’s important to get help now to stop the cycle of dating […]

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6 Questions That Reveal If You Should Try Polyamory

Last year, Scarlet Johansson very boldly told Playboy: “I don’t think it’s natural to be a monogamous person.” While the actress also noted, “I might be skewered for that,” she’s certainly not the only person in the world to criticise monogamy. Plenty of new relationship forms are becoming popular, including one that’s been getting a lot of […]

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Turns Out Most Women Want To Foot The Bill On A First Date

Navigating the dating landscape is like entering the depths of uncharted waters. Throw the question of splitting the bill into the mix and you’ve now entered the Bermuda Triangle of first date pitfalls. Goodbye moral compass. While etiquette tells us we should offer, our feminist principles want us to split it. But then, our dwindling bank […]