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Alzheimer’s can now be used with a new blood test detected early

The blood test shows the course of Alzheimer’s disease long before the first clinical signs of The number of people developing Alzheimer’s disease, is increasing worldwide. The neurodegenerative disease is still incurable. According to experts, this could be also due to the fact that the previous therapies start too late. In the future, could change […]

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Going to university will NOT protect you from dementia

Going to university will NOT protect you from dementia: Study debunks belief that being highly educated makes the brain more resilient against the memory-robbing disorder The University of California findings fly in the face of previous research  Instead, education up to the age of 20 is the decisive factor, experts say Scientists studied more than […]

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Dementia or just forgetful? With a Test you’ll find it out

The date confused? Again, the name of the colleagues forget? Everyone is scattered and has small dropouts in terms of memory. But where forgetfulness ceases and where dementia begins? What are the signs that should make you suspicious – in their families, and themselves – reveals the dementia Test. In Germany, around 1.6 million dementia […]

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Lung disease may increase dementia risk

According to the study by researchers from the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health in Minneapolis in collaboration with colleagues from other academic institutions in the United States, people who experience lung disease in midlife may have an increased risk of dementia later on. The study’s findings appear in the American Journal of Respiratory […]

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Repeated interferon stimulation creates innate immune memory

The innate immune system may be able to be trained to react to viral infections more efficiently by repeated exposure to anti-viral signaling molecules. Mammalian cells seem to be able to memorize anti-viral stimulation at the level of DNA-packaging molecules, enabling faster and greater activation of anti-viral genes in subsequent stimulations, according to a study […]

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Stress can impair memory, reduce brain size in middle age

Adults in their 40s and 50s with higher levels of cortisol — a hormone linked to stress — performed worse on memory and other cognitive tasks than peers of the same age with average cortisol levels, research found. Higher cortisol in the blood also was associated with smaller brain volumes, according to the study, published […]

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Losing control of gene activity in Alzheimer’s disease

Pioneering research into the mechanisms controlling gene activity in the brain could hold the key to understanding Alzheimer’s disease and might help identify effective treatments in the future. An international research team led by scientists at the University of Exeter and the University of Essex have uncovered a link between indicators of gene activity and […]

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Pre-eclampsia linked to an increased risk of dementia later in life

Pre-eclampsia is associated with an increased risk of later dementia, particularly vascular dementia, caused by reduced blood supply to the brain due to diseased blood vessels, finds a large study published by The BMJ today. The findings suggest that asking about a history of pre-eclampsia could help physicians to identify women who might benefit from […]