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AI model takes us closer to personalised cancer treatments

The ‘holy grail’ of cancer treatment: Scientists take a huge step towards personalised therapies after developing an AI model that predicts how tumours will respond to drugs Could help doctors identify the best treatment and drug dose for each patient The model may be available on the NHS in as little as 10 years time […]

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Challenge continues in developing effective drug treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

The results of a large-scale international study involving the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, which was led and coordinated by researchers at Trinity College Dublin, have just been published this week in a major medical journal, PLOS Medicine. Alzheimer’s disease, the commonest form of dementia, currently affects approximately 34 million people worldwide, with 10.5 million people […]

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Mother died after developing sepsis from surgery to remove a BUNION

Mother-of-one died after developing sepsis from surgery to remove a BUNION Pamela Simmons underwent a minor operation to have the bony lump removed Days later, she complained of feeling unwell and collapsed at home Despite being blue-lighted to hospital, Ms Simmons was discharged  e-mail 2 View comments A mother-of-one died after developing sepsis from an […]