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Adhere to Doctors Suffering for senseless?

Heinrich Sening was 82 years old, but according to his son, Heinz had to arrive with 80-circuit. “He was at the end,” he says of the last years of his demented father, who was unable to move in bed and could not speak. A feeding tube kept him alive. A senseless cruelty, says his son, […]

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First steps after a diabetes diagnosis

(HealthDay)—When you’re diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor is likely to start you on a program to lower blood sugar and help insulin work more efficiently—a regimen that may include a modified diet, exercise and possibly medication. Starting (or ramping up) an exercise program can be the hardest of all these lifestyle changes. Typical exercise guidelines […]

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Spahn wants to affect what insurance companies pay

Already in January, the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) intervened in the question of what services should pay for health insurance and for which patient will have to pay. Now the Federal health Minister is working again, his Power at this point to expand – much to the Annoyance of the SPD. Spahn […]

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Why flu vaccinations at the age look bad

The immune system of older people respond slower and less versatile on the flu vaccination than younger people. Thus, the elderly are less good in front of new variants of the ever-changing flu virus protected, report US researchers in the journal “Cell Host & Microbe”. Influenza viruses change continuously, tiny structures on their surface, which […]

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Improved AI-based tool increases accuracy of schizophrenia diagnosis

A tool developed by University of Alberta researchers using machine learning diagnoses schizophrenia more accurately than other AI-based systems, according to a new study. The tool, called EMPaSchiz (Ensemble algorithm with Multiple Parcellations for Schizophrenia prediction), examined brain scans from patients who were diagnosed with schizophrenia and predicted the diagnosis with 87 per cent accuracy. […]

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Scientists find Ebola Virus in a bat

Researchers have demonstrated the highly dangerous Ebola Virus for the first time with a bat in West Africa. Further investigations should show whether more bats are affected and how you can spread the Virus, said the Liberian health Ministry. “This information will help us to develop strategies to reduce the risk of further epidemics,” it […]

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Alzheimer’s can now be used with a new blood test detected early

The blood test shows the course of Alzheimer’s disease long before the first clinical signs of The number of people developing Alzheimer’s disease, is increasing worldwide. The neurodegenerative disease is still incurable. According to experts, this could be also due to the fact that the previous therapies start too late. In the future, could change […]