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Doctors’ row over pensions ‘is putting lives in danger’

Doctors’ row over pensions ‘is putting lives in danger’ as cancer patients are being forced to wait weeks for scan results Cancer patients wait weeks for results as doctors cut hours over pension crisis Report says waiting times increased from one to six weeks at many hospitals  Top radiologists say lives are being put in […]

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The role of family doctors in advanced therapies

A recent study conducted jointly by the Tissue Engineering Research Group of the Department of Histology and the family medicine Unit of the University of Granada (UGR) has highlighted the conceptual, attitudinal and procedural profile of resident hospital doctors specialising in family medicine in relation to advanced therapies. According to the European Medicines Agency, cell […]

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How to create health care centaurs—half doctors and half managers

If hospital doctors around the world often struggle to become the half-professionals and half-managers that modern healthcare organizations need, the main responsibility is not their resistance to change, but the lack of effective support from the organization, according to a study by Marco Sartirana (CERGAS, Bocconi University), Graeme Currie (Warwick Business School), and Mirko Noordegraaf […]

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Superbugs considered resistant CAN be treated, doctors reveal

Superbugs CAN be treated: Doctors reveal many infections considered resistant are still curable with antibiotics Study shows some bacteria are simply ‘resilient’ as opposed to ‘resistant’  Some ‘superbugs’ are treatable if they are targeted during a weak moment   The ‘extremely important’ findings could help the epidemic, said researchers   e-mail 1 View comments Many superbugs thought to […]