Health News

Can dogs smell cancer in humans? Research and diagnosis

Humans have put dogs’ remarkable sense of smell to use by training them to sniff out explosives and narcotics. Their powerful noses can also detect viruses, bacteria, and signs of cancer in a person’s body or bodily fluids. In this article, we look at the evidence behind dogs’ abilities to smell and identify different types […]

Pet Care

6 Insanely Useful and Affordable Pet Care Tips

Affordable pet care tips you can REALLY use! Looking for affordable care options for the health of your pet? Most pet parents are! From everyday dog and cat owners to foster pet parents, shelter workers and the kind souls who care for feral cats, low-cost affordable pet care solutions are a must-have. In addition to […]

Pet Care

Dog Harness Warning

How safe is the dog harness you use? As a responsible pet owner, you invested in a dog harness to keep your beloved safe, right? Well, Fetch! Pet Care wants you and your bestie to live long and healthy lives, so we’re taking this time to talk to you about an important dog harness warning […]

Pet Care

Dwayne Johnson Pays For Dog’s Surgery

Dwayne Johnson is one dog’s real-life hero! Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) makes plenty of heroic moves on the big screen, but none of them compare to what he recently did for one abandoned and miserable dog. In fact, had Dwayne Johnson not stepped in when he did, the tiny pup might not be alive […]

Pet Care

FUNNY DOGS: Friend Snitches on Her Bestie

When funny dogs don’t know they’re being funny dogs, they’re even funnier, right? That’s exactly why we picked this French Bulldog and Bullmastiff for this week’s spotlight. We think you’re going to find this video to be very entertaining! Here’s a little backstory for you: someone has unraveled a roll of toilet paper, which is […]