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Drugs used to enhance sexual experiences, especially in UK

Combining drugs with sex is common regardless of gender or sexual orientation, reveals new research by UCL and the Global Drug Survey into global trends of substance-linked sex. The findings, published today in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, revealed that alcohol, cannabis, MDMA and cocaine are the drugs most commonly combined with sex. Respondents from […]

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Cheap blood pressure drugs could tackle prostate cancer

Cheap blood pressure drugs taken by thousands of people could increase survival chances for men with prostate cancer Study found prostate patients taking drug reduced risk of dying within 7.6 years  Other types of blood pressure drugs were found to increase the risk of death  Eighty per cent of men with prostate cancer are on […]

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Metal chemotherapy drugs boost the impact of immunotherapy in cancer

Due to their powerful tumour-killing effect, metal-based chemotherapies are frequently used in cancer treatment. However, it was hitherto assumed that they damaged the immune system, because of their cytotoxic (cell-damaging) effect even against dividing healthy cells. In a scientific review produced by the Translational Cancer Therapy Research cluster, established by the University of Vienna and […]

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Should put the policy on Prvention?

The German health system is one of the most expensive. Nevertheless, people are not gesüas in other Lächange. Für Prävention is, by contrast, spent very little money. Why the ächange should A heart für Prävention? The hits für, the German health care system currently is not – even if to save a lot of money […]

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Parents urge officials to approve a life-saving drug for their son

Parents beg officials to approve the life-saving £450,000 drug which can treat the rare condition crippling their five-year-old son Finley Newell, from Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, has spinal muscular atrophy   A drug already exists which could improve his life but the NHS can’t buy it In August regulators said the £450,000 drug was not value for money  […]