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E-cigs ARE dangerous: Vaping raises risks of stroke by 70%

E-cigs ARE dangerous: Vaping raises risks of stroke, heart disease and attacks by up to 70%, study finds One in 20 US adults use e-cigarettes and so do more than 11 percent of high school students  A growing body of research suggests that while they may not be as carcinogenic as combustible tobacco, e-cigs are […]

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‘An ambulance is NOT a taxi to A&E’, report says

‘An ambulance is NOT a taxi to A&E’: Report calls for paramedics to treat more patients roadside to save the NHS £300 million each year Lord Carter of Coles led the review, which examined 10 ambulance trusts The Labour peer said the move could alleviate pressure on UK hospitals  ‘Too many are being unnecessarily taken to […]

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Active substance raises hopes of curing hepatitis E

An international team of researchers has now found a possible active substance against the virus in the naturally occurring substance silvestrol. The substance inhibited the replication of pathogens both in cell culture and in a mouse model. The researchers led by Dr. Daniel Todt and Prof Dr. Eike Steinmann from the Department of Medical and […]