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Bad breath – you can do about it

According to estimates, every third German suffers from bad breath. Often the cause lies directly in the oral cavity and can be easily fix. Those who observe a couple of simple Tricks that quickly comes to fresh breath. Tip 1: dental hygiene is a priority Thorough dental hygiene is the best way to eliminate mouth […]

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Are YOU cursed with the mid-life middle? How to beat the bulge

Are YOU cursed with the mid-life middle? From cutting carbs to 10-minute toning tips, experts reveal how you can beat the bulge (and why beer might not be to blame!) Dr Sarah Brewer, medical nutritionist, reveals everything you need to know about haywire hormones and slowing metabolism Your waist measurement could be key to your […]

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A Wilderness Expert’s Keys to Safety in the Great Outdoors

SATURDAY, Aug. 18, 2018 — Some simple steps can reduce danger when you venture into the great outdoors, an expert says. “Knowing your limits, not trying to do too much, knowing where you’re going and what you might encounter there and being aware of the environment you’re in are the best ways to avoid problems […]

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Why vaccine opponents think they know more than medical experts

One of the most contentious areas of health policy over the past two decades has been the safety of vaccination. Vaccines prevent the outbreak of diseases that used to be widespread, like polio, and scientific consensus strongly supports their safety. Yet many Americans refuse or delay the vaccination of their children out of fear that […]