Health Problems

Immune find could aid stem cell therapy quest

A discovery of how stem cells are protected from viruses could inform the development of therapies for use in medicine, research suggests. The finding could help research aimed at boosting the immune response of stem cells—early stage cells with the potential to become specialised tissues—for use in treating disease or damaged tissues. The research identified […]

Kids Health

How to Find Working Mom Friends, Stat

1. Connect with working moms at your office. 2. Join your employer’s working parents group (if there is one). 3. Create a working parents group (if there isn’t one already). 4. Remember your professional organizations. 5. Use your (many!) online resources. Source: Read Full Article

Health News

Deadly 'zombie' deer disease threat prompts Louisiana lawmaker to act: It's 'critical' to find a cure

Deadly ‘zombie’ deer disease could spread to humans A deadly ‘zombie’ deer disease could possibly spread to humans, experts are warning. Republican Rep. Ralph Abraham isn't going to wait for the deadly, so-called “zombie” deer disease to spread to his home state of Louisiana before taking action. Abraham, who represents the state’s 5th congressional district, […]

Pet Care

Fate Intervenes to Help a Cruelty Victim Find his Family

Avid animal lovers Kristen and Mike M. both work in animal-related fields and were already proud pet parents to two cats. The couple loved the idea of adding a dog friend to their family and talked about it extensively. Specifically, they were considering rescuing a pit bull with an energetic personality to take on outdoor […]