Health Problems

Excess hormones could cause a condition that can lead to blindness in women, study finds

Research led by the University of Birmingham has found that increased levels of hormones including testosterone could cause a brain condition that can lead to blindness in women. Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension—also known as IIH—is caused by high pressure in the brain with consequences from blindness to incapacitating daily long-term headaches. IIH was originally identified over […]

Health Problems

Study explaining side effects of statins finds drug can have unexpected benefits

While investigating why cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins cause negative side effects such as blurred vision, short-term memory loss or increased risk for diabetes, cellular chemists at The University of Toledo discovered several previously unknown benefits. It is well-established statins can help lower the risk of heart attack by lowering blood cholesterol, but statins also may […]

Personal Health

An intelligent syringe, which is your goal

Scientists have invented a high-sensitive smart syringe, the changes in the tissue and detects it in delicate cases, it easier to hit the target better. Example, medications can be administered in the sensitive areas of the eye. In animal experiments, the device was already tested successfully. In some regions of the body, a specialist is […]

Health Problems

Study finds trend towards unusual and abnormal prescribing patterns in aged-care homes

Researchers from the Flinders University College of Medicine and Public Health have found that one-quarter of Australian aged-care home residents are nine times more likely to be prescribed antipsychotic drug risperidone. The Rehabilitation, Aged and Extended Care research group found that dementia patients in nursing homes across South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia […]

Health Problems

Early career choices appear to influence personality, study finds

In the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, 16-year-old students in middle-track schools decide whether to stay in school to pursue an academic career or enroll in a vocational training program. A new study offers evidence that the path they choose influences their personality years later. The research is reported in the journal Psychological Science. “We wanted […]