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Kids as young judge character based on looks alone, study finds

Kids DO judge a book by its cover: Children as young as five decide if people are ‘mean or nice’ based on their faces alone, study finds How we perceive appearances influences everything from personal relationships to jury decisions and elections  We start analyzing faces from a young age to make character assessments New Harvard […]

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5 ways pregnant women can reduce the risk of stillbirth

Five ways pregnant women can reduce the risk of stillbirth, according to top gynecologists Around 1% of births are stillbirths in the US, UK and Australia  That equates to 24,000 stillbirths a year in the US, 4,400 in Australia, and 3,500 in the UK Australia is taking action with a Senate report aiming at reducing […]

Pet Care

Top Five Tips for Flying with Your Pets

Nowadays, more than ever, pet parents are choosing to travel with their pets rather than leaving them at home with a pet-sitter or boarding them. Just like traveling in your car, flying with your pet comes with a number of precautions and considerations you should keep in mind. If flying with your pet is something […]

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Scientists uncover five types of problem drinkers

Do you struggle to cut back on alcohol, or does it make you take risks? Scientists uncover five types of problem drinkers Researchers defined types with a set of symptoms by looking at 5,400 drinkers    What category you fall into will largely depend on your age, scientists claim Pennsylvania State University experts say it could […]

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Parents urge officials to approve a life-saving drug for their son

Parents beg officials to approve the life-saving £450,000 drug which can treat the rare condition crippling their five-year-old son Finley Newell, from Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, has spinal muscular atrophy   A drug already exists which could improve his life but the NHS can’t buy it In August regulators said the £450,000 drug was not value for money  […]

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Five questions: What parents should know about concussions

Stanford pediatric emergency medicine physician Angela Lumba-Brown, MD, explains what families should know about new CDC guidelines on the management of children’s brain injuries. Lumba-Brown first learned about concussions from personal experience. “I had two concussions playing high school basketball,” she said. “I had great doctors who were able to explain to me what I […]