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Two British patients die from eating hospital food

Two Britons have died of food poisoning after eating pre-packaged sandwiches and salads, UK health authorities said on Friday, in a listeria outbreak that has already killed three people in British hospitals. The patients died of listeriosis, a rare bacterial infection that is especially dangerous for people with weak immune systems or pregnant women. The […]

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Many young adults value sustainably produced foods, leading to healthier food choices

Sustainable diets have many benefits in having a minimal impact on the environment, contributing to food security and promoting healthy life for present and future generations. Research focusing on selected components of sustainable diets, such as eating food that is organically grown/produced, minimally processed, locally grown, and not genetically modified, has found that individuals who […]

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Contaminated food for millions of diseases

In the European Region, 44 people are diagnosed per Minute of contaminated food, for of 4,700 people a year, the disease is fatal. The world health organization (WHO) reports. Experts believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg and the actual number of cases is much higher. Diarrhoea pathogens to be the cause […]

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Just four servings of ultra processed food a day is still too much

Once upon a time they were a treat, but consumed habitually in excess, ultra-processed foods have become toxic. Two large studies, published today in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), have found consistently eating too many “ultra-processed” foods are associated with a significantly greater risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death. Ultra-processed foods: the problem is […]

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How To Work Out Your Daily Calorie Requirements

Ever wondered what the daily calorie intake for women looks like? While the NHS does give us a rough outline (quick re-cap: for those of us with two pairs of X chromosomes, that’s around 2,000kcal) of course, factors like how active you are will come into play. If you’re a diehard F45-er with a penchant for […]