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New York City Moves Toward More Humane Food Sourcing

On Wednesday, August 14, legislation to implement the Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP) was introduced in the New York City Council. This food-procurement tool, which the ASPCA actively supports in cities across the country as part of our broader Shop With Your Heart program, helps school systems, municipalities and other public entities source food that […]

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DR ELLIE CANNON: Why is my food so hard to swallow?

DR ELLIE CANNON: Why is my food so hard to swallow? For the past month, my food has been struggling to go down, and I’ve had a pain like severe indigestion. More recently, I’ve been getting stomach cramps too. Are the two linked? The medical term for swallowing difficulties, or when your food feels like […]

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For malnourished children, new therapeutic food boosts gut microbes, healthy development: New approach targeting gut microbes proves superior to standard treatment

A new type of therapeutic food, specifically designed to repair the gut microbiomes of malnourished children, is superior to standard therapy in an initial clinical trial conducted in Bangladesh. An interdisciplinary team of investigators from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research in Dhaka, Bangladesh, have […]

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Heart-healthy effects of soy consistent over time

Researchers at the University of Toronto have found a consistent cholesterol-lowering effect for soy protein, with pooled data from dozens of clinical trials that span the last two decades. The study calls into question the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s current proposal to revoke the health claim for soy protein and heart disease. “At no […]

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Two British patients die from eating hospital food

Two Britons have died of food poisoning after eating pre-packaged sandwiches and salads, UK health authorities said on Friday, in a listeria outbreak that has already killed three people in British hospitals. The patients died of listeriosis, a rare bacterial infection that is especially dangerous for people with weak immune systems or pregnant women. The […]

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Many young adults value sustainably produced foods, leading to healthier food choices

Sustainable diets have many benefits in having a minimal impact on the environment, contributing to food security and promoting healthy life for present and future generations. Research focusing on selected components of sustainable diets, such as eating food that is organically grown/produced, minimally processed, locally grown, and not genetically modified, has found that individuals who […]