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Novel antibody may suppress HIV for up to four months

Regular infusions of an antibody that blocks the HIV binding site on human immune cells may have suppressed levels of HIV for up to four months in people undergoing a short-term pause in their antiretroviral therapy (ART) regimens, according to a report published online today in The New England Journal of Medicine. Results of the […]

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Eliminating routine but low-value preoperative tests for cataract surgery patients associated with cost savings

UCLA researchers found that eliminating routine but unnecessary procedures before people undergo cataract surgery has the potential to save costs and resources for hospitals serving lower-income patients. Forgoing routine chest x-rays, electrocardiograms and other preoperative procedures—which studies have found to have no clinical benefit prior to cataract surgery—was associated with a savings of $67,241 over […]

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Acetaminophen can reduce positive empathy for others

A new study by an Ohio University faculty member showed that acetaminophen limited positive empathy a person has for others while taking it. The study, titled “A Social Analgesic? Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Reduces Positive Empathy” was conducted by Visiting Assistant Professor Dominik Mischkowski. In the study, 114 participants were either given 1000 milligrams of acetaminophen or […]

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Tips for dealing with active ingredient patches

In many accessory kit important notes about missing pieces of paper, such as active ingredient patches are properly applied. This is reported by researchers from the University of Heidelberg according to a recent analysis of 81 preparations. Patient, the proper application of the patches in the pharmacy, explain, recommended by the ABDA – Federal Union […]