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How Do E-Cigarettes Change Blood Vessels? A New Study Has the Answer

Taking a drag from a sleek USB may feel cleaner than doing so from a tar-laden cigarette, but it turns out, e-cigarettes are also pretty damn dangerous.  A new study published Tuesday in the journal Radiology found that inhaling e-cigarette vapor has an immediate, negative impact on the vascular system, aka the arteries and veins that carry blood throughout your body. What's more, […]

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Baby boy with a rare condition has a tiny head

Mother of baby boy whose head is smaller because of the same rare condition that can be caused by the Zika virus reveals the incredible bond between him and his sister ‘who sees past the imperfections’ Grayson Taylor has microcephaly, where the head and brain are smaller Doctors thought labour complications had caused temporary problems  […]

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Hancock said he ‘wouldn’t want’ an Alexa but has now linked to NHS

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says his plan to link Alexa smart speakers to the NHS is ‘terrific’ despite last year saying he didn’t want one because he’d rather ‘preserve humanity’ Amazon’s Alexa can now answer health queries using NHS information  Mr Hancock said such technology was ‘absolutely terrific’   But last May, he said he didn’t use […]

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Physician burnout has disproportionate effect on women

While physician burnout has become a reality across the profession, its disproportionate impact on women should sound an alarm within the heath-care sector that more supports need to be offered, according to a recent Western study. In a recent paper for the National Academy of Medicine, the authors noted that the prevalence of burnout may […]