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New model for ICU care discovers causes of health emergencies

A new model for intensive care, developed by Rutgers and RWJBarnabas Health System, can help identify preventable—and previously overlooked—factors that often send chronically ill patients to the intensive care unit (ICU). The new process requires the ICU team—including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, chaplains and others—to truly listen to patients and their families to ensure […]

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US health officials move to tighten sales of e-cigarettes

U.S. health regulators are moving ahead with a plan designed to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of teenagers by restricting sales of most flavored products in convenience stores and online. The new guidelines, first proposed in November, are the latest government effort to reverse what health officials call an epidemic of underage vaping. E-cigarettes […]

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Diet formula: lose weight with the 12-hour rule

Slimming by 12 hours of non-decreasing rule The 12-hour rule can help to reduce weight. These scientifically studied diet is not really a waiver of a rule, but creates the lose weight by keeping eating times. By no means a fitness guru has devised this diet formula, but a team of researchers led by Dr. […]

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E-Cigarettes Really Are A Major Threat To Your Health

E-cigarettes have needed some serious myth-busting for a while. Since they hit the market in 2007, people have mistakenly believed they’re not so bad for you, and they’re frequently touted as a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes. But new research from the American College of Cardiology found that adults who vape are much more likely […]

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Adhere to Doctors Suffering for senseless?

Heinrich Sening was 82 years old, but according to his son, Heinz had to arrive with 80-circuit. “He was at the end,” he says of the last years of his demented father, who was unable to move in bed and could not speak. A feeding tube kept him alive. A senseless cruelty, says his son, […]