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E-cigs ARE dangerous: Vaping raises risks of stroke by 70%

E-cigs ARE dangerous: Vaping raises risks of stroke, heart disease and attacks by up to 70%, study finds One in 20 US adults use e-cigarettes and so do more than 11 percent of high school students  A growing body of research suggests that while they may not be as carcinogenic as combustible tobacco, e-cigs are […]

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Vegan diet: Good for the heart

The best diet for the heart is vegan or vegetarian Around the globe, cardiovascular disease for 46 percent of deaths from non-communicable diseases are responsible, or, in other words for 17.5 million Deaths in each year. In 2018, a Review was published (a Review), according to the risk for heart disease by 40 percent, if […]

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Heart failure takes heavy toll, even for those with stronger hearts

(HealthDay)—Having a stronger heart after being hospitalized for heart failure may not translate into a better outcome, new research suggests. Levels of physical and mental decline were similar among patients with weaker or stronger hearts, and surprisingly, those with stronger hearts had higher rates of depression and lower quality of life in the study. “The […]

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Resorts: What is a healing climate, helps when

Whether sea or mountains: A cure can f&uuml both;r chronically Ill, as well as für Healthy very beneficial. The climate affects the Köthe body in different ways. How one Health works in exactly The bracing climate and the salt – and moisture-containing air on the sea will serve as the Abhäevaluation and prevention of diseases […]