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Will prescribing museum trips help anyone get better?

Prescribing museum trips may save the NHS cash – but will it help anyone get better? JONATHAN GORNALL on GPs referring patients to ‘non-clinical services’ such as walking and yoga NHS says there is growing recognition health is ‘determined by range of factors’ GPs are encouraged to refer a patient ‘to a range of local, non-clinical […]

Health News

Could a stem cell jab help banish back pain for good?

Could a stem cell jab help banish back pain for good? A single jab of stem cells is being tested as a new treatment for lower back pain Doctors say the injection can help re-grow degenerated discs in the spine Researchers hope that trial in Ohio will cure cause of pain instead of symptoms A […]

Pet Care

Fate Intervenes to Help a Cruelty Victim Find his Family

Avid animal lovers Kristen and Mike M. both work in animal-related fields and were already proud pet parents to two cats. The couple loved the idea of adding a dog friend to their family and talked about it extensively. Specifically, they were considering rescuing a pit bull with an energetic personality to take on outdoor […]

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Phytotherapy: plants help in the heat

Aloe Vera, mint, vine leaves, sage, and lemon balm: heißs summer days köcan extracts from these plants will help to alleviate the effects of the heat. So they act The ingredients of Aloe vera act kühlend and entzümaking retardant The sun burns, the air is flickering – many people genießthe heiße weather in the summer. […]