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Interval fasting – how healthy is the Trend?

For well over a week, I am more time, because Breakfast is. After a number of colleagues have reported from your self-experiment in the interval of fasting and the positive effects raved, I wanted to test the fasting Trend. I mean: eat of the day, only in a period of eight hours, 16 I fast. […]

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How stressed are You? New self-test shows your Stress level

A new device displays the own Stress levels Stress is unhealthy and promotes numerous heart diseases and has a negative effect on the Psyche. But what does it actually mean when someone says: “I’m stressed.” So far, there is no proper method to detect a harmful Stress levels. A simple self-test can change this now. […]

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Dangerous Metabolic syndrome: In one third of people, it lurks!

A disease of affluence is rampant Approximately every third Person in Germany suffers from the metabolic syndrome – and the trend is rising. Many do not even know they are affected. This syndrome reflects a combination of four physical States, which is the result of a modern life are often style: Obesity, hypertension, increased blood […]