Health Problems

This Man Was Circumcised By Mistake When He Went to the Doctor to Get His Bladder Checked

Just about everyone knows Miley Cyrus’ famous lyric, “Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.” Yeah, it’s super inspiring and all, but some people who should not take comfort in Miley’s motto. I’m looking at you, doctors. Cue the story of a British man who went into the hospital to have his bladder checked—but instead left with a circumcised penis because doctors […]

Pet Care

Fate Intervenes to Help a Cruelty Victim Find his Family

Avid animal lovers Kristen and Mike M. both work in animal-related fields and were already proud pet parents to two cats. The couple loved the idea of adding a dog friend to their family and talked about it extensively. Specifically, they were considering rescuing a pit bull with an energetic personality to take on outdoor […]

Pet Care

Ruth and Solo: An Anxious Dog Teaches His Owner Patience

As Director of Animal Welfare at the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan, Ruth Allen oversees the care of animals during their stay.  “If everything’s going great, I don’t hear about it,” Ruth explains. “But if there are dogs who won’t walk on a leash or cats with issues, I get pulled in.”  So, when staff reported a […]

Health News

AHA: Doctor Makes Lifesaving House Call in His Own Home

WEDNESDAY, July 11, 2018 (American Heart Association) — Stephanie and Matt Austin went to a Philadelphia Phillies game one Saturday night, then headed to their new beach house, eager to sleep late the next morning. Those plans were ruined by a 6 a.m. phone call for Matt, an orthopedic surgeon. Worse yet, it wasn’t even […]

Health News

Man Gets 'Bowling Ball' Lump Extracted From His Neck

Why do these videos keep popping up on Facebook? We’ll tell you why – people enjoy watching gross things being extracted from the human body. It’s that simple. If you aren’t aware, Dr. Pimple Popper (a.k.a Dr. Sandra Lee) is an American dermatologist who records all the crazy popping procedures she performs on her patients. Lee has […]