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If You Have an Egg Allergy, Can You Still Get a Flu Shot?

It's officially flu season, and you know what that means: It's also flu shot myth season. While every single person should be getting a flu shot every single year (unless you're medically unable to, because of age, allergies, or other medical exemptions), flu myths still scare lots of people off from getting the jab. (Quick FYI: […]

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DNA test reveals if surgery patients are at risk of scarring badly

Risk-free mouth-swab DNA test reveals if surgery patients are at risk of scarring badly after an operation First-of-its-kind screening takes less than a minute and is completely risk-free The simple, first-of-its-kind mouth-swab DNA test takes less than a minute  After a week results can indicate the chances of an abnormal scar developing Surgery patients can […]

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If parents work long hours, children are rather thick

If mothers and fathers often work long, your children are at a higher risk to be in the pre-school age overweight or obese. A recent study by the science centre Berlin for social research, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health shows. The current study shows that children of mothers who work 35 […]

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Blood test detects if breast cancer will return a YEAR before scans

Pioneering blood test can detect if breast cancer will return almost a YEAR before secondary tumours appear on hospital scans The pioneering ‘liquid biopsy’ is almost 80 per cent accurate, tests have found It analyses a patient’s blood for DNA fragments released by their own tumours  Charities have praised the ‘extremely exciting’ results of the […]

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Women Can Tell You're Insecure if You Do These Things

As we continue to have more complex conversations about what it means to be a man today, the more our old-fashioned ideas of masculinity come into question. In a recent thread on Reddit, women started sharing some of the things that they’ve noticed straight guys do that are meant to show how manly they are… […]