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Cheap blood pressure drugs could tackle prostate cancer

Cheap blood pressure drugs taken by thousands of people could increase survival chances for men with prostate cancer Study found prostate patients taking drug reduced risk of dying within 7.6 years  Other types of blood pressure drugs were found to increase the risk of death  Eighty per cent of men with prostate cancer are on […]

Personal Health

Mental health problems in Younger rise

Severe depression have increased among young Americans in the last decade, significantly without the need to observe in older adults, a similar increase was. This may be due to the increasing use of digital media, researchers believe. The number of young adults under the age of 26, suffering from severe mental health problems, increased between […]

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In vitro grafts increase blood flow in infarcted rat hearts

Advances in stem cell research offer hope for treatments that could help patients regrow heart muscle tissue after heart attacks, a key to achieving more complete recovery. Scientists today report success in creating functional blood vessels in vitro for hearts of rats that had sustained a heart attack. The journal Nature Communications published the paper, […]

Health News

Lung disease may increase dementia risk

According to the study by researchers from the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health in Minneapolis in collaboration with colleagues from other academic institutions in the United States, people who experience lung disease in midlife may have an increased risk of dementia later on. The study’s findings appear in the American Journal of Respiratory […]

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Increase Your Impact for Animals in Need Tenfold With AmazonSmile

AmazonSmile is giving you an easy way to make an even bigger impact for animals in need. To date, the charitable giving program has donated over $100 million to associated charities, including the ASPCA!  In honor of this monumental achievement, AmazonSmile announced that they will increase the donation rate to 10x its normal amount. This […]