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A role for circadian enhancers to prevent myocardial injury in the perioperative setting

Innovative cardioprotective strategies are of imminent demand. Nonfatal myocardial ischemia (MI) poses a significant risk to patients undergoing major non-cardiac surgery and these non-cardiac surgeries account for around 8 million myocardial injuries per year. Considering perioperative MI is the most common major cardiovascular complication, identifying factors that lead to cardiac disease onset and finding solutions […]

Health Problems

Gene signature predicts outcome after spinal cord injury

Scientists have determined a gene signature that is linked to the severity of spinal cord injury in animals and humans, according to a study in the open-access journal eLife. The discovery of key genes that are switched on or off in response to spinal cord injury could inform the development of biomarkers that predict recovery […]

Health Problems

YAP after acute kidney injury

Acute kidney injury (AKI)—sudden and rapid failure of the kidneys—affects up to 20 percent of hospitalized patients, and up to 70 percent of ICU patients. Studies have indicated that dedifferentiation and proliferation of surviving kidney cells contributes to kidney regeneration and recovery from AKI. EGF receptor (EGFR) and Hippo signaling pathways, which regulate cell proliferation […]

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If You're Reading This On Your Phone, You Probably Have Tech Neck

If you’re reading this, congratulations: You may be well on your way to chronic neck pain in the foreseeable future. Why? You’re staring at a screen, reading this. More people than ever are suffering from “tech neck,” a term used to describe neck pain directly attributed to technology use, according to the New York Post. Left unattended, tech […]