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I Don't Know Who My Adopted Child Will Be

Lately, my husband and I have been announcing to our friends and family that we’re starting the process of independent adoption. Many friends are simply excited for us. Reactions like, “What an awesome season of life for you!” and “That’s so great!” abound. These are both the simplest and, honestly, the best responses we get. […]

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Mountain splendor? Scientists know where your eyes will look

Using precise brain measurements, Yale researchers predicted how people’s eyes move when viewing natural scenes, an advance in understanding the human visual system that can improve a host of artificial intelligence efforts, such as the development of driverless cars, said the researchers. “We are visual beings and knowing how the brain rapidly computes where to […]

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Nodular melanoma: What to know

This article will explain what nodular melanoma is and describe the symptoms to look out for. What is nodular melanoma? Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. There are four main types of melanoma. Nodular melanoma accounts for 15–25 percent of melanoma diagnoses. Compared to the other kinds of melanoma, nodular melanoma grows […]

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Everything You Need to Know About HPV & the Vaccine

Thanks to the Pap test, cervical cancer is no longer one of the leading causes of death in American women. But it still affects approximately 13,240 people per year — 4,170 of whom will die from the illness. That’s where the HPV vaccine comes in, because it’s currently our most powerful tool in the fight […]