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Stomach-churning footage shows pus squeezed from a woman’s ARMPIT

Stomach-churning footage shows ‘snakes’ of play dough-like pus being squeezed from a woman’s ARMPIT Unnamed woman went to a beautician in St. Louis, Missouri Beauty therapist, named Jada Kennedy, gently squeezes the inflamed skin  Streams of thick ‘snakes’ of pus with ‘hair attached’ come rushing out   Stomach-churning footage shows play dough-like pus being squeezed from […]

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Girl, 15, had her BRAIN ‘slipping into her spinal cord’

Girl, 15, who ‘staggered around like she was drunk’ actually needed life-saving surgery to stop her BRAIN ‘slipping into her spinal cord’ Erin Orlopp could not walk in a straight line and developed a swollen cheek Suffering from chiari malformation – brain tissue extends into the spinal canal Underwent surgery to remove a section of her […]

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Travel In Style Like The Rich And Famous

Whether you are traveling to that special family function or for the spring break party… do it in style! We have seen people experience different happenings during travel with either regrets or perfection. Going through the airport and by the time you reach across, your luggage is nowhere to be found! How harder can life get?!    […]

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A silver lining like no other

Vaccinations are the world’s frontline defence against infectious diseases yet despite decades of interventions, unsafe injection practices continue to expose billions of people to serious infection and disease. Now, new technology from the University of South Australia is revolutionising safe vaccination practices through antibacterial, silver-loaded dissolvable microneedle patches, which not only sterilise the injection site […]

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Round ligament pain: What does it feel like?

Round ligament pain is a common pregnancy symptom, affecting between 10 and 30 percent of pregnant women. It can be uncomfortable but is harmless. Many women begin to experience it in the second trimester. In this article, learn more about what round ligament pain feels like and how to get relief. What is round ligament […]

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The simple test that could have saved newborns like Tommy

As 1,000 babies leave hospital with undiagnosed heart conditions each year…the simple test that could have saved newborns like Tommy Aged 11-days-old, Tommy Pye, from York, sadly died of a congenital heart defect  He was born with transposition of the great arteries, but was without diagnosis  Frustratingly, his untimely passing could’ve been avoided with a simple […]

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COPD X-ray: What it looks like and diagnosis

COPD is a serious condition and is the third leading cause of death in the United States, according to the American Lung Association. A thorough diagnosis is crucial to begin treating COPD early, as it is an incurable condition. People with COPD often experience initial signs, including: coughing up a lot of mucus shortness of […]