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Players at risk as clubs ignore injury link to mental health

Injury is a major cause of mental health problems in top footballers, shows a study of counsellors working with players’ union, the Professional Footballers’ Association. The first evidence linking long-term injury with psychological distress in pro players calls for a culture change to one where clubs routinely offer injured players psychological support. Sports psychologists from […]

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Link between paid employment and slower age-related memory decline

Over the past century, patterns of employment, marriage and parenthood have changed drastically for women across the Western World. In a study presented today at the Alzheimer’s Association Internal Conference 2019, researchers have explored how differences in life experiences affect later life memory decline. A team of researchers from the University of California looked at […]

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Link found between delivery method and asthma, allergies

Babies born via cesarean delivery may have an increased risk of developing asthma and food allergies, according to research out of the School of Public Health. The prevalence of children with asthma and allergies has increased over the past two decades, and although genetics may play a role, previous studies have suggested that other factors […]

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Molecular link between body weight, early puberty identified

Becoming overweight at a young age can trigger a molecular chain reaction that leads some girls to experience puberty early, according to new research published in Nature Communications. Scientists have discovered a molecular mechanism that leads overweight female rats to have early-onset puberty. “Knowing how nutrition and specific molecules play a role in starting puberty […]

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Gut bacteria and heart health: Is there a link?

If the latest medical research has taught us anything, it’s that our gut bacteria hold the key to our health. The trillions of micro-organisms that live in our gut seem to control every aspect of our well-being, from the size of our belly to the risk of chronic disease and even that of mental health […]