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See Jenna Jameson’s Keto Diet Shopping List on Amazon

Jenna Jameson is always looking out for her fellow Keto Nation dieters, whether it’s sharing her Savage Cabbage recipe, her motivational tips or how to stay keto on vacation. And on Monday, June 17, the former adult film actress — who has lost about 90 pounds in the past year following the ketogenic diet — […]

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Bipolar medication: List, types, and side effects

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterized by extreme changes in mood, behavior, energy, and thought patterns. A person with bipolar will experience severe highs (mania) and lows (depression) in their mood. The National Institute of Mental Health estimate that 2.8 percent of adults in the United States have bipolar disorder. Doctors often find bipolar […]

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Bake With Your Heart Holiday Baking Ingredient List

Get ready, humane holiday bakers! ‘Tis the season to impress with your tastiest—and most animal-friendly—baked goods. Whether you’re whipping up your holiday classic for a dessert table centerpiece or trying out a new recipe for a cookie swap, we’ve got the perfect animal welfare-certified and plant-based shopping list for you. Happy baking! Did you make […]

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Shop With Your Heart Thanksgiving Shopping List

One thing we can all be grateful for this year is progress for farm animals. As consumers demand more humane alternatives to factory farming, companies and supermarkets are responding by stocking their shelves with plant-based and welfare-certified options. We’ve crafted a holiday shopping list featuring special brands that have either earned a meaningful animal welfare […]