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6 Ways To Take Shower Sex From Awkward To Awesome

Ah, shower sex. It looks great in movies, but in real life, it can be slippery, dangerous, uncomfortable, and all-around hard to actually pull off. Mood kill! Yet with the right tips, you can totally make your next attempt at shower sex hot as hell—and we don’t just mean the water temperature. Here, real men […]

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America Ferrera on How Her Relationship With Her Body Has Changed Since Giving Birth: "There are Parts I Love and Also Parts That Are Super Challenging"

Over the past few years, America Ferrera has accomplished a tremendous amount. She teamed up with her husband, actor and writer-director Ryan Piers Williams, and actor Wilmer Valderrama to cofound Harness, an organization that aims to support vulnerable communities through conversations meant to inspire action. She spoke in front of hundreds of thousands of people […]

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Sneating Is The Latest Dating Trend That Everyone Is Talking About

As dating apps and social media ever increasingly shape our relationships, viral terms to describe modern dating behaviours are becoming more common. From ghosting to breadcrumbing and even gas-lighting.  The latest dating term to enter popular vernacular is “sneating” aka sneaking eating. A term coined to describe who strategically goes on date because they want to eat […]

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Protein wars—why men love meat

Nov. 1 is World Vegan Day and apparently Canada is going meatless, unless you are a white older male, that is. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration, because many Canadians still need a regular meat fix. In fact, many see meat consumption as one of the pleasures in life, as well as a necessary […]

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A Life After Cruelty: One Pit Bull Finds a Family to Love

Julie Sonenberg had been looking for a pit bull to adopt for almost a year—one who would mesh well with her five-year-old daughter Billie, her husband David and their 11-year-old Pug, Milton. “After we moved to the suburbs in 2017, I began looking for a second dog,” explains Julie, Senior Administrative Manager for the ASPCA’s […]

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3 Daily Texting Habits Of Couples In Happy Relationships

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s no equation for the perfect relationship (although Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would have us believe otherwise.) There is, however, some undisputable research on the topic. Take this, for example: Researchers have found the way you communicate with your partner via text (and vice […]

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How To Have Phone Sex Without Feeling Awkward AF

Phone sex can add an amazing element to any couple’s sex life, but lots miss out because they don’t want to get it wrong. Well, fear not because here Lovehoney sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight answers all the most popular ‘how to’ questions – and provides her top tips for getting it right. How do […]

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What September's Gemini Horoscope Means for You

Read what your sign's 2018 horoscope predictions have in store for you, or check out the Gemini personality profile. Alright, Gemini, here’s the deal: Your planetary ruler, Mercury, hasn’t been on its best behavior lately. Even though it’s technically no longer retrograde, you’re likely still feeling the implications of its backward spin. The past few […]