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Three or more hours on social media interrupts teenagers' sleep

Teenagers who trawl through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for three hours each day have worse sleeping patterns, scientists say Almost 12,000 teenagers reported their social media use and sleeping patters More than one in three were deemed ‘high users’, of three or more hours a day They are more than twice as likely to stay […]

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Does social media push teens to depression? New study says no

(HealthDay)—Time spent on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook probably isn’t driving teenagers to depression, a new study contends. In fact, Canadian researchers found the relationship worked in the opposite direction—teenage girls who were already depressed tended to spend more time on social media, to try to feel better. These findings run counter to a series of […]

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Honest Motherhood Now Has Its Own (Anti) Social Media App

Admit it. You’re sick to death of the seemingly flawless #MomLife photos on social media, the ones with mothers and kids fully decked out in fab outfits in gorgeous, sunlit rooms straight out of Pottery Barn. It’s OK… we’re over it too. And that’s why we’re intrigued by the “anti-social media” app, Minutiae, which forces […]

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Research exposes pitfalls of opening up on social media

Opening up about your feelings on social media has an association with lower self-esteem, mood, paranoia and opinions about the self in comparison to others according to a new study. Dr. Natalie Berry, a psychology researcher at the University of Manchester says venting our anger on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is also linked to subsequent […]